About Gendered Intelligence

Gendered Intelligence is a Community Interest Company whose object is to:

  • Deliver arts programmers and creative workshops to trans youth (under the age of 25) from across the UK in order to increase the quality of young trans people’s life experiences.
  • Deliver facilitated workshops to all young people within schools, colleges, youth groups and other settings from across the UK, in order to generate discussion and debate around gender and the ways in which it presents challenges in our everyday lives.
  • Offer Continuing Professional Development, trans awareness training, policy development and consultation as well as attend conferences and events to raise awareness of young trans people’s experiences and needs across the UK and beyond.
  • To contribute to the creation of community cohesion across the whole of the trans community throughout the UK by bringing trans people and professional services together to form partnerships and run projects that will benefit the trans community.

Our Philosophy
Our identity as a man or a woman is often taken for granted, but sex and gender come about through a combination of biological and social knowledge that build our individual identity. When we begin to investigate who we are, locating why we are a ‘man’ or a ‘woman’, a ‘boy’ or a ‘girl’, things can become very complex.

Gendered Intelligence might be a sensitivity or attunement to moments when gender or gendered expressions appear in the world in ways that raise interest or cause for debate. This might be a political moment where power is brought into play. If you think about what happens when certain behaviors which are traditionally carried out by one gender, are lived by an other, you can see quickly how roles, jobs, appearances and behaviors, even ways of thinking are all gendered activities.

In this way then we might say that gender is not something that you are, or have, but is something that you do. For us, it is important to nurture and develop gendered intelligence in the individual, in order that we may occupy a world where a greater freedom of expression and a wider and richer spectrum of identities can co-exist.

What is Trans?

Trans is an umbrella term that identifies the spectrum of those who feel that their assigned sex at birth does not match or sit easily with their sense of self.It encompasses transsexuals, trans gendered people and cross dressers, or anyone who challenges gender norms
It may be that a trans person feels more the ‘opposite’ sex and so chooses to use medical intervention in order to align their body with their mind, their outside appearance with their internal feelings. Cross dressers may dress to express the more masculine or feminine side of themselves, or simply because they find those clothes more comfortable.

Gender variant people may identify as outside of or beyond the gender binary of being either ‘male’ or ‘female’. Expressing gender variance often challenges what we think of as gender norms. Trans is also a generic term for the area for trans identities, and is used in academic areas, such as Trans Studies.

To learn more about our organisation, please visit our website.


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