People have already signed up to take part in Stop Our Silence 2015. They are all completing a 24-hour silence between 14th and 22nd of November 2015.

Some of them are raising money for Gendered Intelligence online – that means you can support them. Find their JustGiving pages by clicking the links below.

Why Gareth is taking part:

“I have an increasing number of trans and non-binary friends and acquaintances whom I care about; I know how it feels to be bullied, and how it feels when your friend is bullied and you feel unable to intervene. By learning to speak out, we can do something about it.

The reason the educational work that GI does is so important is that so much of the bad stuff that trans people encounter daily stems from ignorance on the part of the rest of us, and so the more we learn about gender diversity, the easier it will be to make the world a better and happier place for everyone”.

Why Dominic is taking part:

“I want to draw attention to how gender non-conforming young people are often silenced through fear of or actual bullying simply because they don’t fit the gendered ‘norms’ of masculinity/femininity. In fact many people are policed by their gender presentation and behaviour, the clothes they wear etc. It’s often subtle and insidious the way we don’t feel able to speak our truth. I also want to raise some extra money for an excellent organisation”.

Why Jenna is taking part:

“Bullying is a hateful crime that can often lead victims to depression, trauma and even suicide. We all have the right to be ourselves and be recognised as ourselves. Oftentimes transgender people are the victims of discrimination and violence as a result of hateful views.   I believe in equality and that no one should have to live in fear”.

Why Orla is taking part:

“Being part of the LGBT community, I myself have experienced prejudice and discrimination around my sexuality growing up; my feeling is that trans people have yet to receive the same level of support. Gender fluidity and transitioning is fast becoming an understood concept, I want to help it become an expected and accepted part of our society and end transphobic bullying!”

Why Jen is taking part:

“As a trans person myself, I have been the victim of bullying, and I don’t want any other trans person to suffer. Whenever a friend tells me about bullying they have received it’s heartbreaking, and I want it to stop.”

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