What is gender-related bullying?

Gender related bullying is the type of bullying that is important to us at Gendered Intelligence. There are increasing numbers of people who are revealing their gender variance or trans status in schools and in everyday life. Despite a strengthening in legislation protect trans people, transgender people are continuing to experience widespread discrimination.

Although there has been much work done on the issue of bullying since the 1970’s, the subject of gender and sexuality in relationship to bullying has not had enough work. However it is integral that this topic must be worked on in order to make schools safer and inclusive for everyone.

“Gendered harassment is any unwanted behaviour that enforces traditional, heterosexual gender norms. It is related to, and can overlap with, bullying. Forms of gendered harassment include sexual harassment; homophobic, bi-phobic, or transphobic harassment; and harassment for gender-nonconformity (Meyer, 2008, 2009).” (Sanders: 2013)


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