What is Stop Our Silence?

Stop Our Silence (SOS) is a sponsored silence campaign to raise awareness around transphobic and gender-based bullying. The challenge is to stay silent for 24 hours during Anti-Bullying Week 2015

So many young transgender and gender non-conforming people face day to day mistreatment and cruelty in schools, colleges, and universities around the country.

Yet gender-based bullying does not only affect trans people. Anyone whose gender expression – their behaviour, character traits and presentation – does not conform to gender norms can suffer verbal, psychological and physical abuse. Homophobic insults are often about policing gender expression. They are used against boys who are seen as “too feminine” and girls who are seen as “too masculine”. The policing of sexuality and the policing of gender often go hand in hand. Gender-based bullying attempts to keep us in check and limits our freedom of self-expression.

People are already taking action against transphobic bullying and gender policing. There are lots of educational institutes doing their utmost to make sure that transgender and gender variant people feel safe to learn.

At Gendered Intelligence we know this because we regularly work with schools, coming together to give them the resources and know-how to support pupils who come out as trans or gender variant.

But quite frankly we all need to do more. Lots more. Gendered Intelligence can play its part. We have a brilliant team of skilled and experienced staff. We have committed volunteers. We have a whole entourage of young trans people as well as their families, friends, partners and allies.

By taking up the challenge of Stop Our Silence, you will be supporting Gendered Intelligence to continue our vital work with schools and young trans people. Your stand against transphobic and gender-based bullying is the chance to tell your community that everyone should be free to express their gender identity, without fear of violence or discrimination.

To take part, fill in this form and we’ll be in touch.